About Us

PENTAGON COLLEGE is a vibrant and highly effective College that has a central place in its extremely diverse and growing local community. PENTAGON COLLEGE offers an inclusive environment where individual identity and excellence are celebrated and students are encouraged to learn together.
Redevelopment in the area continues apace and this adds to the significant diversity in student population, characterised by students from the full range of socio-economic backgrounds and a multitude of cultural heritages.
We have committed, proactive teachers and dedicated support staff that support and encourage the learning of all students. Our staff members have high expectations of themselves and their students and adopt a wide variety of innovative approaches on a whole College basis.

This College has a long term strategic plan which outlines the direction of the College in broad terms. The College’s Operation Plans that are developed each year provide more detailed planning, outlining targets for student achievement, key strategies, programs and how these will be resourced.


To be a leading educational service provider in the field of engineering, business, information technology , vocational education empowering and training for the empowering of our valued client to be competent in the current and future economic environment of south Africa, and the world at large.


To provide the best education and training that will equip our client with the relevant skills that will help them to fit fairly well into the modern scientific, technological professional and day-to- day environment, skills that will allow our clients to be self-reliant, innovative, entrepreneur and mangers for development of south Africa in particular and the world at large.

Educational Excellence

At PENTAGON COLLEGE we will seek to provide our students with the academic and social capacity to learn and go on to become lifelong learners.


The professional excellence we seek will be demonstrated by our shared commitment to individual, group and whole College pursuit of best practice, active sharing of professional knowledge and a willingness to work in collaborative teams to achieve key outcomes and targets.


The College reflects a devolved leadership model with mentoring and coaching from the executive team; whose role will continue to be based upon a clear customer focus encompassing students, parents, community, outside agencies and staff.


We will continue to develop a strong sense of community within the College where our culture is based upon genuine partnerships including those with external agencies and private organisations. We will ensure that all groups feel valued and valuable.